Passing Time In A Coronavirus Pandemic – Minecraft Is Back

Seriously, Id have graduated a year sooner if I hadn’t been building this Minecraft city.  That was back in 2012 and several others helped in creating the avenues, channels, subways, skyscrapers, government buildings, hospitals, houses, forts and more.

Finding Coronavirus Boring?

If you are bored from the Coronavirus news and staying home has you searching for an avenue to get out and maybe meet others then this might be for you. 

We’ve brought this classic Minecraft server map back and are hosting it free with anyone welcome to check out and play on. 

Minecraft Map Features

The map includes a to scale Titanic in the harbor, the Sears Tower soars over the Great Pyramid of Giza along side a giant Statue of Liberty size statue of a Minecraft citizen.  The Empire State Building can be climbed to the top and the skyline reviewed from the many tall buildings you may recognize from the Chicago skyline or another city.

Walk freely among the villagers and add too or found a village of your own in the distant lands. 

Transportation used to include a network of many train lines and subways that now lie dormant but serve as landmarks for finding your way back to town if needed.

Minecraft not included but with the game anyone can connect at and avoid the Coronavirus boredom.

Social distance but virtually a whole world awaits your exploration.

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