Guest Posting Over A Heroine Like Addiction In SEO

Link building is a necessary evil if you want anyone to notice your Music, Arts and Entertainment blog.  With people like the President of the United States now competing with you for entertainment exposure competition hasn’t been any tougher than today.

SEO Heroine 

You can buy links on sites like but thats actually not a long term strategy.  I’ve likened buying links on these cheap sites to heroine.  Sure it gives you a boost and you’re high but you’ll find it’s harder and harder to stay high without doing more and more and you can’t recover from that addiction without help and hitting rock bottom.

And thats not dramatic of me … its literally like heroine.  You’re using something unnatural thats a quick fix to get high and feel good and it isn’t good content so its unsustainable without more and more fiverr links.  And you never know when you are going to get a bad hit that can kill ya.

Content Syndication Networks and Guest Posts

An alternative is to Guest Post offering something worth reading and of value.  On the receiving end if your site wants relevant content you can join a Content Syndication Network and ingest content regularly.  It can be setup to only publish after you approve and in the end it does diversify the information on your site for your readers.

Now this post is mostly just a test of Ultimate SEO’s network’s Arts and Entertainment feed, but even in a test I think we an make a compelling argument for avoiding link buying and instead sharing your knowledge to relevant sites through Guest Posting opportunities.

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