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So this is more a test artcle but it’ll also hit on these topics in the title. Duplicate Content is everywhere and its fine…Googles been saying that for years now but some SEOs have this myth in their head that its an issue.  If its such an issue then what about The Associated Press?  The AP syndicates content to almost every local newspaper out there.  Their sites arent penalized for blocks and blocks of duplicate content.  While your chewing on that…

What is a unique thing you can do with others content?  The way you arrange it.  What if I setup a site that ingested the RSS feeds of all these political campaigns press releases and used it to create a site that had all the press releases for say US House seats.  That could be of value to someone and provides a research resource for after the election when those sites are down.  Theres an example of providing a useful service with mostly duplicate content.  Its unique that the type of content exists there in one place.

So now we see duplicate content isnt bad and in that we know that some authors want publicity but theyve never been heard of … so they need a platform to gain a following.  Some sites charge for “Ghost Blogging” but thats really not being big picture.  There are sites that want relevant content and there are authors after a site.  

Welcome to our syndication site.  You can post an article for free here and you can get articles for free here but we ask you use the RSS feeds and put in a good word back to us somewhere. 

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